Bradhy Inside Out

With sustainable DNA and local production, Bradhy shows its know-how and its experience of more than 25 years in the textile world creating a garment concept that combines fashion and sports.

A collection of sports and versatile garments, that adapt to every moment of your life. Bradhy takes care of its entire work methodology in detail, thanks to its vertical process, it allows it to select and buy the yarn, design the garments to finally make them.

An elaboration, so careful that it can be seen in the finish of each of the pieces. Hoping you enjoy them, as much as BRADHY has created them for you.


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Having dedicated her career to communication and marketing for more than a decade, I specialized in creating experiences and developing brand strategies, which I enjoy very much. On the personal side, I am passionate about running and promoting a healthy lifestyle. 

Backed and supported by a team that has more than 25 years of experience in the textile sector, it was clear to me that Bradhy had to be the fusion between a conscious lifestyle with a fashion twist for the modern woman.

Bradhy is an attitude towards our day to day life, a way of expressing ourselves and claiming that essence through our actions. 

In Bradhy we wish to contribute, being responsible and above all transparent